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About us

The No Non-Scents Candle Story

In 2022, The Founder and Co-Founder Holly & Leigh Ann decided to bring their passion for candles right in to their own home. Their desire to find the right scent, the proper burn and the perfect color for the home can sometimes be challenging. That's why No Non-Scents Candles does not commit a particular scent to a particular color. We offer multiple colors in each scent because as we all know, the candles must be visually appealing along with the perfect scent. Our goal is easily achieved since we measure and hand pour each candle with the consumer in mind.

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Our Process

We carefully cut slabs of wax into 1 inch cubes, then we melt over a double boiler. We add non toxic wax dye color that best matches the scent we are making. Once melted, we remove from heat and add the fragrance oil. We stir gently until wax is at optimal pouring temperature at which point we pour into our jars that we pre-prep with 100% cotton wicks. The hand Poured jars must rest uncovered for 24 hours. The jars are then covered and labeled.

We take pride in NOT using machinery in our process. We are 100% hand made.

Candle Care

For best results, make sure wick is trimmed to 1/4 inch. Keep out of reach of young children as wax gets hot. The wicks are 100% cotton so be sure to trim any soot off wick after putting the candle out and it is no longer hot. Cotton wicks tend to curve when burning. This should not affect the burn quality once the soot is removed. For optimal burning, candles must burn for at least one hour when initially lit. This will avoid tunneling and create a clean burn experience. These candles give on average of 35-40 hours of burn time. For safety reasons, do not leave lit candles unattended for long periods of time and do not leave your home while candles are burning.

  • “ The Black Cherry Merlot and the Black Sea gives a great scent throughout my house. I was shocked that an 8oz candle gives off that much fragrance! Really Nice”

  • “ The scent is refreshing and sweet, but not too overwhelming, and it reminds me of strolling on the beaches of Hawaii, i.e. heaven. I also love the cute, millennial-pink color...”

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